Purchase conditions

The "Purchase Rules" (hereinafter - the Rules) - a legally binding document that sets the buyer and seller PI "Spikis" mutual rights, obligations and responsibilities to you in obtaining goods and shop.spikis.lt shop.spikis.eu online stores (hereinafter - e .parduotuvė).

E-shop ordering goods, the buyer agrees to all conditions of the Rules and undertakes to comply with them.

The contract between the buyer and the seller shall be considered concluded from the moment when the Buyer after choosing (s) of the item (s) and adding it to the shopping cart, field notes, "I agree with the terms of purchase and click on the" Order ".


Return and or replacement

Return of goods takes place in accordance with the 2001. 29 June. Minister of the Economy No. 217 "The return and exchange approval of the rules."

Without good reason, the product can be returned within 10 days if it is due to Seller's fault damaged, defective or not in the product, which was commissioned by the Buyer, but only if the product packaging is intact. Shelf packaging The buyer will have to put up the product and return it to the Seller at P.Vileišio 27-34, Vilnius. After receiving the item and check it, the seller will refund the buyer for the product (excluding the shipping costs) to the specified account within 10 working days.

The digital form of purchased goods, including, but not limited to, videos, audio tracks, images and so on. entries can not be returned.

For application / complaint on our online store purchased goods or services fill in an application form EGS platform http://ec.europa.eu/odr/


Privacy conditions:

The seller guarantees the buyer's personal data security and ensure that they will be used only for the purchase and sale transactions. Data collected are used to:

To address the problems associated with the delivery of goods, return or replacement, and carry out other obligations related to the purchase contract.
The processing of your orders.

The seller undertakes, without prior consent of the buyer not to transmit its data or personal information tretiesiams persons, except in cases where it is necessary to do in order to meet the buyer's request. Buyer specified e-mail address can be used PI Špikis commercial purposes.


Buyer's rights and obligations

Buyers using e. Services, agrees with these Rules and must comply with them. The buyer must:

order form is complete and correct their data;
to accept the goods ordered. If the buyer without valid reason refuses to accept the goods, he is obliged to cover delivery costs.
A change in the order form submitted data to immediately inform the seller.

Seller is not responsible for any actions of third parties, where such persons exercising Buyer banking system consists of a purchase-sale agreement by using e. Services.

If due to circumstances the seller can not deliver the ordered goods for which the advance was paid, the seller undertakes to return to the Buyer the money paid for the purchase of an item.

If the goods purchased are reserved PI Spikis works, including but not limited to video movies, audio files, photographs, the Buyer shall not copy, resell, publicly display and others by their actions violate PI Špikis copyright or other rights to the work, unless it is matched PI Špikis and with the written consent.


Final Provisions

PI Špikisreserves the right, at any time, without prior notice and the buyer, suspend or terminate the operation of the entire e-shops or remove specific items. In its initiative to unilaterally partially or completely replace these Regulations, e. Stores operating conditions, notifying the one or more Vendor managed websites. Rules additions or changes to take effect from the date of its publication, vol. y. from the date on which they are stored in e. shop system. If, after the amendment of the Rules will continue to use e. shop services, it is assumed that you agree with the new version of the Rules, as amended or supplemented.

If e. store links to other companies, organizations or individuals websites PI Spikis is not held responsible for the information provided within the legality, accuracy or activities, such web sites does not monitor, and control over those companies and individuals represented.